our values

Cultivated with care.

We believe in skincare designed for every body — a combination of botanical and natural ingredients powered to awaken and strengthen your skin. 

Nourishing, Naturally.

Born from the Earth.

Since 2003, DAVI has put the power of the earth first. We’ve created a unique, eco-friendly formula sourced and harvested by hand from the vineyards of Napa Valley to elevate and motivate your daily skincare routine. We use botanical ingredients that offer a wide range of benefits from anti-aging and skin protection, to reduced pore blockages and support, to boosting natural collagen. We focus on providing clean, sustainable skincare that is vital for your health and our planet. 

Many of our ingredients are influenced by ancient indigenous communities and health practices, with an emphasis on preserving essential nutrients necessary to support your natural beauty. This is a driving force behind DAVI’s modern philosophy and our passion to deliver a holistic approach to health and skincare. We promise to provide you with 100% clean and safe skincare that revitalizes, nourishes, and protects your skin – no matter what.

Remember: self-care starts with skincare.

Ingredient Spotlight


Found in the peels of grapes, this antioxidant fights free-radical damage and fortifies skin against environmental irritants, allowing your skin to naturally defend and repair itself.


Sustainably made from Peru’s Cocoa Seed extract, Blumilight is a premium, super antioxidant that protects your skin against harmful everyday stressors and fine lines while boosting your natural glow.


A native extract of Wild Indigo, neurophroline is an active ingredient used to block the production of cortisol (think: stress hormones!) to  relax and recharge your skin.


Our proprietary blend of grape and double fermented wine, grape, and leaf extracts offers youth-enhancing benefits that target and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, hydrates dry skin, and evens out pigmentation.

Clean safety standards, always.

We pride ourselves on using 100% clean and safe ingredients so we can guarantee that you, your skin, and mother nature will thank us. No GMOs. No Toxins. No Fillers. No Artificial Colors or Fragrances. No Synthetic Chemicals. No Animal Testing. Ever.