7 Tips for Better Skin that Enhances Youth & Boosts Confidence

Ever wonder how to get better skin? You’re not alone – attention to skin care routines and best practices for better skin has been on the rise. And for good reason... 

In a 2020 survey of 2,000 Americans, 67% said they felt self-conscious because of skin issues. But you don’t have to be a part of that statistic — because self-care starts with skincare

Taking care of your skin is good for both your physical and mental health and that’s why we’re here: so you can feel confident with your daily routine.

Read on for the best tips for better, healthier, more beautiful skin.

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7 Simple Skincare Tips for Better, GLOWING Skin

There are a number of simple, yet effective ways to care for your face to achieve younger-looking skin, improve skin conditions, and regain confidence in your complexion. 

Oftentimes, premature aging is caused by neglecting some of these basic tips for better skin. 

Plus, mental health is undeniably linked to confidence in your skin. Did you know that the average person with skin concerns skips 1 in 4 social events each year, purely to avoid exposing their blemishes to their peers?

Make simple investments in your skin and your mental health where it counts. 

Our top 7 tips for glowing skin (and subtle lifestyle changes to fit them) will leave you feeling more confident than ever before.

If you’re with us, say “I’m ready! I want to help my skin!” 

Tip #1 Wash with a Gentle Face Cleanser 

This should go without saying, but cleansers are crucial to keeping your skin in tip-top shape and free from unwanted bacteria, grime, and excess oils. It’s important to find a cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin but encourages the balance of natural oils and nourishes the skin from deep within. 

You could be doing everything right for your skin but if you’re missing out on the cleansing it needs, it’s likely you won’t see results. 

Many cleansers that contain abrasive ingredients to fight blemishes might seem like they’re ideal if your skin is struggling. But chances are, they’re actually doing more harm than good. 

So make sure you choose a face cleanser that feels nourishing, refreshing, and gentle to keep your skin hydrated for a youthful glow.

Again, it should go without saying but never sleep in your makeup. Taking makeup off at night is crucial to obtain clean, healthy skin. And while washing is important, it’s worth mentioning – don’t overwash your face. Doing so can lead to dry skin, breakouts, or irritations. 

The general rule of thumb is to wash your face after it’s been exposed to the elements, whether that’s inside or outside.   

Tip #2 Avoid Harsh UVs & ALWAYS Wear Sunscreen

Sun exposure is known to be one of the biggest culprits for premature aging in the skin, especially on your face. If you’re looking for tips for better skin, there’s no exception to skipping this one:

Always wear sunscreen. 

Always. Even if you don’t plan to go outside that day, you can still be exposed to UVA/UVB rays through windows! 

Make sure you choose an SPF with broad-spectrum coverage. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, wearing sunscreen every day can lower your risk of melanoma by up to 50%!

Besides the risk of health concerns, it’s just not worth it. Why expose yourself to rays that will easily cause age spots, sagging skin, and wrinkles?! 

If you want younger-looking skin, you should always include SPF in your daily skin regimen each morning – no ifs, ands, or buts! 

Tip #3 Limit Your Daily Exposure to Blue Light Devices

While outdoor elements are a well-known concern for skin, one of the less-known causes for premature aging, fine lines, and lackluster skin is sitting right inside your house. And right in front of your face, if you’re reading this… 

Blue light is a form of light waves emitted from devices that you probably use on a daily basis…

  • Cell phones
  • TVs
  • Computers
  • Smart watches

So, basically, if you’re a human in the 21st century, chances are you’re exposed to blue light on a regular basis. But don’t panic! 

Maintaining a nourishing skincare routine can help combat the damaging effects of all kinds of environmental stressors and restore your skin's healthy glow.

Tip #4 Get Your Beauty Rest to Give Your Skin A Break

We all know that sleep is great for your health. But did you know that adequate sleep can also greatly improve your skin?

This is one of our favorite tips for better skin because it’s so simple! 

Who doesn’t love an excuse to get a long night of sleep?! 

You’re welcome. Crawl into bed after cleansing and applying an antioxidant-packed serum that encourages cell turnover and healing, and let your body + your skincare products do the hard work!

Your body naturally releases hormones at night that promote cell renewal and assist in rejuvenating the skin! Lack of sleep can quickly lead to puffiness, under-eye circles, wrinkles, and fine lines. 

Getting the right amount of sleep can change your life – and your skin. 

Here are a few more tips for better skin to consider when settling in for the night: 

  • Wash your sheets (and specifically your pillowcase) frequently to limit bacteria and unwanted breakouts
  • Choose a satin pillowcase that absorbs fewer oils and bacteria (it’s great for your hair too!) 
  • Sleep on your back to reduce fine lines/wrinkles (Side sleeping can pull the skin in unnatural ways that cause premature wrinkles)

Tip #5 Hydrate & Eat Healthy for Younger-Looking Skin

Hydration is key for your skin, and it doesn’t just happen on the outside. Your skin also needs hydration from the inside. 

Drink plenty of water throughout the day – dehydrated skin can speed up the aging process and lead to unwanted sagging skin. 

And don’t forget to supplement your body with nutrient-rich foods for proactive protection from acne, inflammation, and aging. Fruits and veggies have superpowers – like protecting your skin from the damaging effects of free radicals. 

The environment (inside and out) is changing every day and it’s our responsibility to be proactive against it, for the health of our skin! 

Tip #6 Lather Up with Face Moisturizer

We’ve talked about moisture on the inside, but don’t neglect moisture on the outside! At Davi, we recommend using a moisturizer that serves to nourish the skin with hydrating nutrients to create a proactive barrier. 

This means face AND décolletage (because don’t forget, the fragile skin around your neck and chest also ages without proper preventative care)

Regular moisturizing keeps the skin hydrated, efficiently combating premature aging, unwanted fine lines and wrinkles, and environmental stressors!

Whether your skin is happiest with a lightweight moisturizer or a rich moisturizer, it’s crucial for happy skin. Moisturizers work on the surface level of the skin to seal in moisture (and ingredients from other face products) to keep out unwanted bacteria and irritants. 

This makes it easy for your skin to maintain its youthful glow and plump, healthy texture. 

Your skin will thank you for the love! 

Tip #7 Don’t Stress (Think: Positive Thoughts ONLY!) 

Did you know that stress is one of the leading causes of skin sensitivity and breakouts? 

self care starts with skincare


An increase in cortisol (think: stress hormones!) aggravates oil production in the glands, creating clogged pores and breakouts. As you can probably guess, chronic stress only prolongs and exacerbates the problem. 

Remember: Self-care starts with skincare. So a healthy mind unlocks healthy skin.

Create new habits and mindsets around managing your stress to see improved skin.

  • Prioritize yourself  create space and time to nourish your soul
  • Cherish your body – speak love and affirmations over yourself
  • Set limits  creating healthy boundaries help you stay aligned with your values
  • Know your worth  when you believe it, your confidence changes everything
  • Get outside  fresh air is what the doctor’s ordered. Breathe it in and smile!
  • Make time for what you love  adding laid-back fun in your life lessens stress

Practice self-care with these simple skincare tips and make sure your personalized skincare routine is supporting you in the ways you need most after (or before) a long stressful day. 

One of our biggest tips for managing stress when it comes to your skin? Design a routine structured around addressing and reducing your stress through soothing and gentle products

Better Skin Starts NOW

Hopefully, these tips for better skin have your wheels turning. 

Caring for your skin doesn’t have to be stressful or complex – in fact, it should be the opposite! 

Complimented with a personalized skincare routine, little changes can make a big difference and enhance your skin! 

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