AT THE CORE of all our products is a proprietary microencapsulated anti-aging antioxidant complex called MERITAGE. Created in close collaboration with laboratories in Lyon, France, MERITAGE is a unique blend of grape and fermented wine extracts, green tea, raspberry, black currant and bilberry extracts, rosemary and olive leaf extracts. MERITAGE is created through a unique double fermentation process and preserved in the formula until the moment it is applied to the skin.

Because it is microencapsulated, the select high-level antioxidants of PHYTO–MERITAGE are able to remain active on the skin hours longer than conventionally created products. PHYTO–MERITAGE sustained time-release technology provides a slow infusion of antioxidant health benefits to the skin. A daily regimen of Davi skincare restores and rejuvenates, leaving your skin the picture of health—young, radiant and full of life.